Sports Teams

- Facilitating Connection -

I work with sports teams of all ages and backgrounds with the intention of creating lived experiences in the wild, in the countryside or in places of cultural or social significance that serve to connect those involved with their place, their teammates and with themselves.
The intention behind the work is to unlock a physical energy in all participants that ultimately increases performance and enjoyment while also serving the greater community.

Below is an example of how I go about this work

Kildare Hurlers 2022

I took the Kildare Senior Hurling Team to the Hill of Allen before their championship journey.

We played hurling on the wide open expanses of the Curragh, swam at the source of the Royal Canal and hiked our way in to the woods at the Hill Of Allen.

The lads built the camp, working together to resolve the logistics, natural situations where leaders led and doers did, while the groups moved from one situation to the next, each one designed to connect them to place, to teammate and to self.

We enjoyed the fruits of everyone's labour at the camp fire, a wild deer stew with a few venison steaks cooked on the fire, before the instruments came out and the session took life.

The following morning we ran through the woods barefoot, stretched the muscles out and lay down on the forest floor to meditate.

After breakfast we closed the circle and the camp and went about our business with gratitude for the experience we had all shared together.

'The highlight of my night was realising that I was doing something free of effort, no show, no performance. I was free to be myself and it was enough. I was getting paid to do something that I was loving every second of, and that's something I would wish for everyone'. DL


In a post lockdown world, meaningful gathering of co workers has become more necessary and more valuable than ever.

We are bringing groups and teams in to nature, in to surroundings that are beautiful, that are challenging but most importantly that are real.

Out of the office and out of their sense of themselves within the confines of the roles they occupy. Within the confines of how they are seen. It is an invite to connect, but also to expand. To bring more parts of their character to the table, to be seen and valued more fully than previously done.

The way we work has changed forever, but the connection central to the experience of work has gone nowhere. We all share a fundamental need to be seen, to be valued and to be recognised as part of our working life. But not valued just for things we bring to the office, but for our totality, for the fullness of our characters.

We want to work with companies that share our values while in return we offer a chance to step outside the normal office experience in order to facilitate a greater connection to themselves, to each other and to the values of the company.

If it is flow you seek, the well-being of your staff on all levels in and outside of the office, if you are willing to reconsider your tightly held vision in good faith that if more of the team is seen, if they are more fully valued for the wide array of gifts they may have, gifts that can only be seen in a changed setting, they may guide the organisation in ways that previously would seem impossible. If this is the bold direction you would like to go, off the safety of the footpath, feel free to contact us to see if we can assist you in this endeavor.